The Brazilian blowdry is a revolutionary treatment for smoothing and taming frizzy and out of control hair.

The hair is infused with Keratin (a natural component of hair and nails) which smooths and relaxes each strand of hair, leaving you with a freshly blow dried finish lasting for 8 – 12 weeks.

Why would I need a Brazilian blowdry?

This service is great for frizzy unruly tresses or a natural curl you would like to relax.

The Brazilian blowdry is a great service to have before you go on holiday.

Hot climates and constant wet hair from humidity and swimming can cause havoc with some hair types.

Having a Brazilian blow dry service before travelling can greatly reduce the time taken on hair styling whilst abroad.

See our before and after photographs for examples of how this service helps the most unruly of hair.

brazilian blowdry
brazilian blowdry cardiff
brazilian blowdry cardiff
brazilian blowdry cardiff